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The Spells of Ulgu refers to the Realmsphere Magic emanating from within the Realm of Ulgu, the realm of shadows. As the case with other realms, this magic is known to become especially potent as one treads closer to the Realm's Edge of Ulgu.[1a] Within the darkness of Ulgu, the tendrils of grey magic floated upon the currents of the Necroquake's after-shocks with terrible sentience. Weaving their way across the shadowy lands, it danced upon the fingers of conjurers, who gave them dread new shapes and purposes.[1b]


Name Casters Description Sources
Labyrinth of Sorrows Wizards in the Realm of Ulgu The wizard traps the enemy in a prison of their own despair. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
The Enfeebling The wizard saps the energy from his enemies, draining them of their will to fight. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
Phantasmal Guardian The wizard summons a creature of pure shadow to protect himself from harm. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
Bridge of Shadows The wizard summons a portal of pure shadow. Allies that march into this gateway emerge from a shadow elsewhere on the battlefield. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
Aetheric Tendrils Insubstantial tentacles unfurl from the shadows to grasp and drag the enemy towards their doom. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
Judgement of Shadow The shadows of Ulgu are alive, and they hunger. By speaking thirteen whispered words of power, one for each of the realm’s great Dominions, a caster can bid the darkness to swallow up their enemies. General's Handbook 2020 - Realm of Battle: Ulgu, The Realm of Shadow, pg. 107
Umbral Leap The caster becomes one with the darkness, traversing the battlefield in a flicker of shadows. Broken Realms: Morathi - Realm of Battle: The Helleflux, Ulgu, pg. 76
Mystifying Miasma Wizards that know the Lore of Shadows
Wizards in the Realm of Ulgu
The wizard creates a numbing fog that causes their foolish foes to listlessly stagger and stumble. Age of Sigmar: Core Book (2nd Edition) – Realm of Battle: Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow, pg. 260
Soulbound Core Rulebook - Grey Spells, pg. 276-277
Crown of Asphyxiation Noxious fog surrounds the wizard, causing nearby foes to stumble and choke. Malign Sorcery - Spells of Ulgu, pg. 77
Soulbound Core Rulebook - Grey Spells, pg. 276-277


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