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Spellbreakers are strange pieces of jewelry found in the laboratories and arcane sanctuaries of the Undercity of Brightspear. Though are known to come in a number of varieties such as necklaces, pendants, wriat bands, and ankle bands. Whatever form they come in, they are all made of a chrome material that does not reflect any living creatures on its surface.[1a]


Spellbreakers are able to consume and absorb magical energies. Due to centuries of neglect and misuse, Spellbreakers are incredibly unreliable and could overload instead of dispelling an incoming spell, causing more harm to their wearer.[1a]


Originally Spellbreakers were used by particularly paranoid or cautious Agloraxians. They can now be found throughout the Undercity of Brightspear and in the markets of that city. However, long centuries of neglect and misuse have made those that remain unreliable.[1a]