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Spell Hunter is a term collectively applied to those wizards of all the Grand Alliances who hunt down rogue Endless Spells, also known as Living Spells. Some among these seek to stop the devastation these spells cause, while others seek to exploit them.[1a]


Among the forces of Sigmar it is the Lord-Arcanums of the Stormcast Eternals, the Battlemages of the Collegiate Arcane and the Eldritch Council that most often seek to hunt down, contain and destroy these dangerous spells, though some wizards of dubious morality hunt the spells for their own ends, often at the head of press-ganged warbands or mercenaries.

The Kharadron Overlords use alchemical arts to transmute endless spells into inert gas and trap them in a carefully crafted container. Upon shattering the container, the endless spell is unleashed.[5a] The Kharadron also modified some of their Voidstone Orbs to capture spells and cast those they have snared.[4a]

Other Spell Hunters include Tzaangor Shamans who seek to gain the power of such spells by consuming them and the Grey Seers of the Skaven seek to unbind the living spells and take the Realmstone that coalesces when the spells are unbound. Among the forces of Nagash, some Necromancers have risen up to stop such rampaging spells.[1a]

Known Organizations of Spell Hunters

Notable Spell Hunters