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Spark-eye is a Skaven Deathrunner of Clan Slynk of the Skaven Eshin faction.[1]


A freakishly tall skaven whose black eyes are marbled with veins of gold and electric blue, with a aura that raised even Grey Seer Retchnik’s hackles. [1]


In the Time of Tribulations he accompanied Envoy Kriktail of his clan to meet the Grey Seer Retchnik. Although he appeared to accept the offer of an alliance, the envoy later sent Spark-eye to assassinate the Seer. [1]

Later he is sent to Nagashizzar as the Great Ritual is about to be enacted by Nagash, he and his cadre manage to sneak into the heart of the Great Pyramid and as they are stealing several jewels from the central chamber they taint the ritual being invoked by their presence.[2]


One is two and two are one. Master Kriktail gratefully accepts your gift-gift of information, but must sorrowfully decline your offer of an alliance.

~Spark-eye to Retchnik .[1]


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