Soulsnare Shackles

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Soulsnare Shackles is a type of Endless Spell made out of the Magic of Shyish which manifest as decrepit chains and rusted manacles made out of Shyishian metal which snap at their prey and seek to drag souls into the Great Oubliette.[1][2]


When a wizard summons the Soulsnare Shackles the ground splits with a cacophonous rattle as manacles shoot forth from the gap.[1][2]


When unleashed the chains of the Soulsnare Shackles scrabble over one another to be the first to grasp a victim, the hinges grinding like the lifeless growl of a hungry predator. As they move they tear through the ground, clinking and tangling together. While the chains prefer the living, in their absence they will feed on the undead, even through their traces of animus make for unsatisfying prey to the spell. [1][2]

When the manacles find a victim they clasp shut around their arms, legs or neck. Those capture by this spell will still able to hear and see with their senses, but they will feel their souls being dragged violently. The spell replaces hopes and dreams of the victim with waves of remorse and misery and the voices of those the victim had wronged come screaming into their mind, robbing them of vigour and life. The chains are not bound to the physical form but to their spiritual essence. Only those of great willpower can escape the chains and free their souls, however this is an immense struggle, even for those that claim they harbour no fear of death, like the most resolute warrior and faithful priest. Some do manage to break free from the shackles even as they tug on the inner self, but most of the victims end up dying and their souls being sealed away for eternity.[1][2]

Those souls it manages to collects are dragged down into the Great Oubliette in Shyish. Because the spell is closely connected to this underworld dungeon, its reach is much wider when summoned in the Realm of Death.[2]


Name Color Type Description

Shackles of Morrgryst Shyish Soulsnare Shackles One of the most infamous of loose endless spells to have earned its name.