Soulblight Gravelords

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Soulblight Gravelords
Soulblight Gravelords Cover Art 01.jpeg
A Vampire Lord and his army.
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Beasts of the Grave
Main grouping Dynasties
Major characters Belladamma Volga
Lauka Vai
Mannfred von Carstein
Allies Flesh-Eater Courts
Races Skeleton
Mounts Dread Abyssal
Skeletal Steed
Vehicles Corpse Cart
Creatures Dire Wolves
Zombie Dragon
Spell lores Lore of the Deathmages
Lore of the Vampires
Archetypes Necromancer
Vampire Lord
Warbands Crimson Court
Sepulchral Guard

Soulblight Gravelords are legions of Undead servants commanded by vampiric Soulblight lords.[1]


The Soulblight Gravelords are led by Soulblight Vampires that descend from Neferata and Mannfred. While many have diverged into different dynasties developing many alterations few deny the primacy of Mannfred and Neferata. The two Mortarchs are amongst Nagash’s foremost generals and command vast undead armies known as legions filled with hordes of corpse-warriors and beasts of the grave. In the Mortarchs’ absence vampiric majordomos and lordlings who are often either sired directly by the legion’s overlord or hail from client dynasties that have proven their loyalty and capability are entrusted with carrying out out their masters’ agendas. Beneath the legions are innumerable dynasties each usually stemming from a single vampire patriarch or matriarch whose particular curse permeates their brood each possessing its own traditions, heraldry and rivalries. Many such dynasties are entirely supplicant to a singular legion and on occasion, a Mortarch may even take direct control of a dynasty’s forces either to exploit their skills in war or as a gesture of dominance but often allow the masters of a dynasty to retain nominal joint command. The greatest dynasties such as Vyrkos, Kastelai and Avengorii are held in almost as much dreadful awe as the legions themselves eventhough they tend to be largely disregarded by Nagash until their aims align with his own. While some dyanties conquer grave-empires, others follow their bloodlust like the infamous Wraith Fleet of Varkos Varactyr, whose army of drowned mariners and rotting titans of the deep sails across the Mordacious Sound to menace the southern coasts of the Great Parch.[1b]

In addition to undead hordes summoned from scattered gravesites, vampires are also escorted by courts of attendants, warlords and sycophants. Wight Kings, the reanimated skeletal remnants of ancient chieftains and monarchs whose tactical prowess remains sharp act as frontline champions for the Gravelord armies, leading Deathrattle warriors summoned from ancient battlefields to serve their will. Weaker Wight Kings are vulnerable to a vampire’s sorcerous control but the greatest possess a will equal to any Vampire and rule their own empires, sending subordinates to treat with vampiric rulers of stature. Necromancers are Deathmages that ensure the undead armies remain filled with vigour and resurrect those who fall. Vampires offer patronage to as many promising Necromancers as they can as this lessens their burden on the field allowing them to concentrate on slaughtering the foe and sate their thirst.[1b]

Legions and Dynasties


Soulblight Gravelords
Associated Factions Beasts of the Grave - Deadwalkers - Deathlords - Deathmages - Deathrattle - Soulblight
Dynasties Avengorii - Kastelai - Legion of Blood - Legion of Night - Vyrkos
Characters Belladamma - Lauka Vai - Mannfred von Carstein - Neferata - Radukar
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