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Hierarchy of the Soulblight legions and major dynasties.

In a macabre parody of Azyr, Soulblight vampires are linked through a complex web of lineages and bloodllines, many of which possess their own particular quirks and obsessions. The greatest serve in the Legions of Blood and Night, but beneath these great legions are lesser vampiric clans known as dynasties.[1b]


Vampires sire their offspring through the 'blood kiss', a secretive ritual believe to be unique to each undead house. Whether sired directly by Nagash's champions or bound into service by other means, they inevitably come to share the various quirks of their masters.[1b] Every vampire ultimately descends from the dark triad of Neferata, Mannfred or Ushoran. However there can be exceptions such as the Vyrkos Dynasty, whose founder (Belladamma Volga) was sired by the undead godbeast Hrunspuul, the Hound of the Cairns.[2a]


Nagash's ultimate desire is to create a necrotopia of deathless stasis with him as its ultimate master. Below the Great Necromancer stand his legions, vast armies commanded by Nagash's lieutenants known as Mortarchs. In the case of the the Legion of Night and the Legion of Blood, they contain vampires drawn from the Soulblight dynasties. Some dynasties are entirely supplicant to a singular legion, while others are locked in a state of subtle or overt civil war as different vampires seek to chart different paths for their bloodlines. The greatest dynasties, such as the Vyrkos, Kastelai and Avengorii, are held in almost as much dreadful awe as the legions themselves. However, Nagash large disregards these dynasties until their aims align with his own. Much like the parasitic creatures that fill the ranks of these dynasties, they grow stronger by feating on their kindred, unleashing their undead hordes to subsume their lesser rivals and forming complex webs of allegiance that see the mightiest matriarchs and patriarchs wield power to match that of any living emperor.[2a]

Known Dynasties


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