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Artefacts of Blood
Name Description Notes
Amulet of Screams[4b] Damned souls contained within disrupt the spells of enemies of the wearer.
Orb of Enchantment[4b] An enemy hero can be distracted by the swirling depths of this crystal orb
Oubliette Arcana[4b] A miniature ivory and ebony coffin that can capture the spells of unwary enemy wizards
Ring of Dominion[4b] Containing the blood of an ancient vampire, the ring can be used to control the actions of an enemy
Shadeglass Decanter[4b] Enemies can have their souls drained before the battle even begins.
Soulbound Garments[1] Even the most elaborate of clothing can be enchanted to be as protective as steel plate.

Artefacts of Night
Name Description Notes
Chiropteric Cloak[6] A razor clawed cloak that if fed lashes out at the wearers enemies.
Curseblade[6] A weapon created to feast on a specific soul, attacking them even from a distance.
Gem of Exsanguination[6] A arcane stone that seeks blood, drawing it from the bearers enemies.
Morbheg's Claw[6] Said to be a remnant of Morbheg father of Terrorgheists, drawing sigils in the gorund boosts the magical power of the bearer.
Shard of Night[6] A brigandine created from the hide of a Abyssal Stalker, cloaking the wearer with shadows.
Vial of the Pure Blood[1] Drinking such refined blood boosts the phyiscal prowess of the vampire.
Soulblight Artefacts
Name Description Notes
The Slaking Blade[1] A living weapon with a corrupted sentience that always thirsts for blood, bestowing it's rewards upon it's wielder when it had it's share.
The Scabbing Plate[1] An armour that feeds on the blood spilled across it facets. It uses it's essence to instantly seal any rents.
Ruby Vial[1] A delicate receptacle that opens a wound in the sky that summons a deluge of blood, whenever a single drop from it falls on the ground.
Crimson Wing[1] A fell bat familiar that swoops silently through the sky. It strikes by following the terrified pulse of it's prey for leagues.
Sigil of the Sanguine Throne[1] A ring whose symbol marks the wearer as being from the von Carstein bloodline, demanding deference from even the loftiest of Vampire Lords.
The Saccharine Goblet[1] The blood from this chalice is sweeter and more invigorating than other, but it will drink the drinker's essence if not refilled quickly enough.


Vampires wield a variety of weapons, often magical and in keeping with their own unique history and cultural backgrounds. Some are trained warriors before the curse, others spend their immortality perfecting the art of war. All are formidable opponents.

Name Wielder Notes
Aken-seth the Staff of Pain[4a] Neferata Mortarch of Blood,
Akmet-har the Dagger of jet[4a] Neferata Mortarch of Blood,
Bloodlance[3] Prince Vhordrai,
Bloodletting Blade[4a] Sanguinarch on Bloodseeker Palanquin
Deathlance[2] Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon,
Ethereal Weapons[4a] Spectral Host on Bloodseeker Palanquin or Coven Throne
Gheistvot The Sword of Unholy Power [4a] Mannfred, Mortarch of Night
Needle-sharp poniards[2] Pallid Handmaidens on Coven Throne,
Sickle-glave [4a] Mannfred, Mortarch of Night
Spirit-possessed Blades[2] Vampire Lord,
Templar's Blade[2] Blood Knight, Blood Knight Kastellan,
Templar's Lance[2] Blood Knight, Blood Knight Kastellan,
Vampire Queen's Stilleto[2] Vampire Queen on Coven Throne,
Vampiric Sword[2] Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon,

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