Soul Wars (novel)

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Soul Wars
Soul Wars cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Cover Artist Igor Sid
Released July 2018
ISBN 978-1-78572-975-1

Soul wars is a novel by Josh Reynolds which portrays the events in the immediate aftermath of the Necroquake. It was originally published in the UK in 2018 by Black Library.


It is said that all who live belong ultimately to the Undying King. In the shadowy lands of Shyish, Nagash, God of Death, calls forth his soulless legions to reassert his dominion. His dread advance begins with the free city of Glymmsforge, bastion of Azyr in the Realm of Death. Standing between Nagash and his prize are the brooding Anvils of the Heldenhammer, an ancient host of Stormcast Eternals, and Lord-Castellant Pharus Thaum, guardian of the Ten Thousand Tombs. As battles between the living and the dead rage throughout the Mortal Realms, the War of Heaven and Death begins anew. But even Sigmar’s chosen may not be enough to cease the onslaught. For how does one destroy what is already dead.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: Soul Wars (novel)

The culmination of the Time of Tribulations saw Nagash enacting his Great Work to ensure that all souls of the dead flowed to the Realm of Shyish and the Black Pyramid at Nagashizzar. In the aftermath of that cataclysmic event, Nagash unleashes his Legions against the living in the Realm of Shyish to reclaim not only his own lands but all the Realms beyond.

Soul Wars focuses mainly on the conflict for the city of Glymmsforge in Shyish and the Ten Thousand Tombs that it is built above.


Look, Arkhan… A void is gnawing at the sky. An absence – an unlight. The circle of time is broken all out of joint, and the sun has become as a black tunnel. The sky becomes an inverted mockery of itself – a shadeglass reflection. I have made it so. I have willed it. This realm is mine. It is me. Sigmar might be the stars, but I am the darkness that stretches between them. All things recede into me, as motes of light dwindle in the black. I have come into my inheritance at last. There are no other gods before me, my servant. Merely falsehoods, masquerading as divinity. Life, destruction, light, shadow… What are these things but preludes to the inevitable? I am become the totality of existence. And I will cast my light upon all these realms.



The book has large cast of people, from Stormcast Eternals, Mortarchs and the many undead servants of Nagash all the way through to the gods such as Nagash and Sigmar himself. .......and many, many cats.

Primary Characters:

Special Edition

Soul Wars (Special Edition) contains an introduction by the author and the additional short story Threnody.

This short story is set before the events of the main book. Soul Wars often refers to the night Pharus Thaum killed the undead mother of Elya, but Threnody focuses on that night giving many more details.