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Souls are the life-force and spiritual essence found in every mortal entity, from the lowliest beast to the greatest champions of the Mortal Realms. [1a][3a]


Not all souls are equal and they vary wildly. For example the soul of a meek craven would be a faint little thing comprised of little spiritual energy, manifesting as little more than a shade. But the soul of a hero is a bright, blinding thing of immeasurable power. [1a][3a]

These latter souls are coveted by gods, such as Nagash[1a] and Sigmar the God-King[2].

After Death

When a mortal dies, their soul is drawn to Shyish, the Realm of Endings, to the underworld that matches their belief system. Where it will dwell until it's spiritual energy fades into nothing, which can take centuries or longer still. Though not all souls make their way to Shyish, there are many that have been whisked away or simply were never in attendance. Such as the souls of Aelfs which had been consumed by Slaanesh or those souls taken by Sigmar to serve in his Stormhosts.[1a] Many souls, not just Aelfs, will drift to the Realm of Chaos, to whatever subrealm belongs to the dark force that claims them.[3a]

However some, like the Idoneth Deepkin, have perfected the arts and abilities to harvest souls and use them for their own ends.[3a]

The Realm of Shyish is comprised of countless underworlds and afterlives, each of them shaped by the beliefs and ideals of mortal souls. Each of the vast continents, islands, and oceans of Shyish are crystallized belief made physical, the paradises and hells dreamed up by mortals.[3a][1a]