Sophia Altenbach

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This page contains spoilers for: The Red Hours (short story)

Sophia Altenbach was an infamous artist and the daughter of a powerful family in the Realm of Azyr who survived charges of heresy by the Order of Azyr and was exiled as Castellan of the Grave of Heroes


A small woman with sharp features and grey hair which she kept in a loose ponytail. She often dressed in a loose smock. [1a]


Once a famous and renowned artist, her sculptures and paintings were destroyed by the Order of Azyr but such was the power of her family she was spared from burning and exiled to the ancient fortress – the Grave of Heroes. Although disgraced, her family provided her with plentiful supplies and luxuries such as wine from the Arch Lector’s vineyard. [1a]

Sophia was the only one of those at the Grave that was alerted to the forthcoming arrival of Eris Brightmourn, but not of what was confined below the fortress. [1c]

She was instructed to watch Captain Hess but found him a pleasant change from the others at the fortress – closer to her class and a potential source of decent conversation. [1a] However shortly after his arrival she was murdered. [1b]


Oh, it’s not quite as bad as all that. Lots of space, plenty of time, no ignorant clergy looking over your shoulder. I would recommend cultivating a hobby. Tell me, do you like art?

~ Sophia to Byrun Hess.[1a]