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Sol Gage is a Witch Hunter, a Knight of the Order of Azyr who works with former Duardin Ironbreaker Bryn and the Lion Ranger Kuva.


He is tall, often clad in a caped overcoat with his order's symbol pinned on his lapel, over the uniform of Freeguild warrior. Invariably accompanied by his female gryph-hound, Zephyr, he carries a basket hilted blessed steel rapier, a knife and a brace of pistols.


He can sense the corruption of Chaos and his weapons have been blessed by the Grand Theogonist herself.


Unusually he feels that every innocent condemned to the pyre only makes the enemy - Chaos - stronger.


Drop your weapons. Your souls are forfeit but your lives may yet be ended in a merciful fashion.

~ Sol Gage to the crew of the Hopefull Traveller[1]


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