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Snikrit was a Warlock Engineer of the Clans Skryre [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Code of the Skies (novella)


He was clad in ornate armour that glowed with the power of warpstone and was marked with scratched runes on its oversized plates - he wore robes encrusted with filth and excrement beneath it. On his back was a generator connected to the clawed gun-gauntlet on his left hand, whilst he also wielded a vicious looking halberd. He had a form of energy field able to stop a full volley from a aether pistol. [1a]


He discovered a lost Duardin hold in the Realm of Chamon that in the Age of Chaos had created the sky-port of Barak-Zhoff. He was able to work out how to combine skaven technology with that of the ancient duradin, creating his own version of endrins to build his own version of a sky-port. [1a]

Despite Admiral Borri Kraglan discovering him, he was able to lauch his mountain-top/vessel along with a large number of smaller escorts and engaged the nearby fleet of Kharadron Overlords warships, destroying several. [1b] As his victory seemed assured, the battleship Ancestor's Axe rammed the primary endrins of the floating fortress, destroying them both. [1c]


You would kill-kill me with duardin weapons, beard-thing! That is impossible. None can end the reign of Snikrit the Magnificent! Snikrit the Mighty! Snikrit, who will rise and bring ruin to all the realms. Archaon himself will squirt the musk of fear at the sound of my name! You are no threat to me.

~Snikrit to Borri Kraglan .[1a]


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