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Snatchabosses are cruel Orruk leaders of the Kruleboyz that rule the Gitsnatchaz tribes.[1a]


Each Gitsnatchaz tribe is ruled by a Snatchaboss who is also the most cunning and cruel Orruk in the tribe that has developed an intimidating reputation combined with inventive acts of revenge. Rivals and anyone that crosses a Snatchaboss will find their lives turning into a living hell ending in a horrible and inventive method of execution.[1a]

They are experts at capturing enemies.[1b] In battle they ride upon their mounts, catching unfortunate victims from the field and put them inside crow's cages who are both tormented by the noxious smell of the beasts and horrifying stories told by the Snatchaboss of the fate that awaits them.[1a]


Many Snatchabosses travel upon a Sludgeraker Beast as it is considered a status symbol among their kind. These beasts in addition to their formidable strength, lethal natural weapons such as rot-coated teeth and tails shaped like filthy Cat o' nine tails are also extremely intelligent ambush predators. In battle, the Sludgeraker and the Snatchaboss work together with terrifying precision to catch prey, disarm them, and put them in cages. Further, the extremely noxious muck that Sludgerakers secrete and builds up their belly is used by nearby Kruleboyz to coat their weapons [1a][1b]


Orruk Snatchabosses are armed with Chain-linked grappling hooks. [1b]



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