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Snaggit was one of the Loontenant of the High Gobbapalooza. He often causes mischief with the Bone'ead Tribes, something that greatly pleases Skragrott.[1]


As the Stormvaults started to open Skragrott received a command from the Bad Moon to send Snaggit to fetch a prophecy in the Fungal Asylum. Snaggit went through the Realmgate and wandered through the sub-realm, hoping to find the prophecy. He was distracted by Fungus-Keepas and then attacked by a Straggleneck Fungus. The attack only stopped because a Scryshroom scared the creature off by wailing his name. He followed the voice to a pale Scryshroom with an aelven face that he never met before and heard the prophecy. He recognised that it was both a warning and a opportunity, and that Skargrott would be grateful of the news of new treasures uncovered across the Realms and that the Everdank might be brought closer.[1]


He likes to flaunt his authority, but dislikes it wasting it on the stupid. He knows he only has base cunning. He enjoys the prospect that he might bring the Everdank.[1]


He wields a Loonblade, a jagged shard of Loonstone, that can be used as both a blade or a light source. He wears Squig-Leather boots.[1]