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Smith-Lord was a title held by the renowned metalworkers of the tribes of Capilaria during the Age of Myth, whose craft earned them the respect of both their Duardin teachers and Sigmar himself.[2a][3a]

Role and Responsibility

Smith-Lords served the tribes of Capilaria as both metalworkers and warriors.[2a][3a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth the Smith-Lords earned fame throughout the Great Parch and beyond for the quality of their craft and their skill at using them in battle, even earning the favor of Sigmar when he visited the Parch during his travels across the Mortal Realms. Many of these Smith-Lords learned their metalworking skills under the tutelage of Duardin smiths.[2a][3a] The greatest of them were those who hailed from the Direbrand Tribe.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Despite the Direbrand Tribe, and all of its Smith-Lords, being wiped out during the Age of Chaos, the weapons they forged are still considered to be without peer.[2a]

In the wake of the Necroquake the weapons forged by the Direbrand Tribe were changed, beginning to burn any tainted by Chaos that is touched by them.[2a]


  • Iron Hammers: The Capilarian Smith-Lords were renowned for the iron hammers that they wielded when they went to war.[2a][3a]

Known Smith-Lords


‘I’ve spoken to Knight-Incantor Vontus, and he believes that since the Necroquake the Direbrand weapons we have collected now burn the forces of Chaos — as if they were made of living flame.’.

from the personal diary of Lord-Arcanum Salonia Gravewing.[2a]