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Blissbarb and Slickblade Seekers.

The Slickblade Seekers are the chosen mortal knights of the Slaanesh Sybarites. They can no longer feel the satisfaction of killing an enemy from afar as they would have done as Blissbarb Archers or Blissbarb Seekers - instead, they seek to hear the screams of the dying up close, and to feel the spatter of hot gore upon them, and their Exalted Steeds. [1a]

Slickblade Seekers are immensely proud; they consider themselves princes of the battlefield, striving to outdo any who would contest that status. From the Myrmidesh they were inspired to perfect the art of the high-velocity cut, and by observing Lumineth cavaliers they learned techniques to cleave through several foes on foot without breaking stride. To shame the brutish warriors of Khorne, they relish decapitating foes with a single blow, a feat that wins them great devotion and applause from any Blissbarb Archers that follow in their wake. Not only are these kills deeply thrilling for other Sybarites, but they also ensure a constant supply of severed heads for the Blissbarb’s great censers, empowering the effect of their arrows. [1a]


The Slickblade Seekers favour a mesmerisingly fluid and graceful way of war; in combat, their blades loop and twirl even as they ride their darting mounts hands-free. As the whip-like tongues of the Exalted Steeds lash out at nearby enemies, so as well do the Slickblades use their polearms to cleave open skulls and hack off limbs, each striving for the perfect cut. [1a]


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