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Name Description Notes
Hellfire Sword A blade that was made by taking a single, searing flame, hammering it into material form and quenching it in the blood of a fire-djinn.
Idolatrous Plackart A breastplate that projects unholy aura, providing the most devout chaos worshippers with daemonic resilience. It is adorned with profane inscriptions and grim fetishes.
Helm of the Oppressor A helmet that induces soul-piercing dread in the wearer's enemies. It is made of blackened bone plates.
Banner of the Demagogue The wielder of this banner will make it's follower enraptured by their hypnotic words, believing their false promises for glory.
Mark of the All-favoured An unholy mutation that shows it's wielder has the blessing of all four ruinous powers.
Desecrator Gauntlets A pair of iron gloves that crackle with coruscant energies and destroy what is sacred and imbued with magic.

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