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Slaughterpriests are the demagogues of the Khorne Bloodbound, the priests of the Blood God and beacons to his power. They command their fellow Khornates into battle following the visions sent by Khorne himself. Their prayers can boil the blood of their enemies in their veins and their booming chants can fill everything around them, enemy and foe, with a powerful berserker rage that forces them to completely disregard their sense of self-preservation for a suicidal battlelust. They gain their powers by drinking the blood of fallen foes, giving them stretched limbs and hardened bones.[1a][1b]{{Fn|2a}[2b]

Some wield Bloodbathed Axes into battles while others arm themselves with a Wrath-Hammer and a Hackblade, with the hammer pulling in those that it doesn't kill so they can be decapitated by the blade. These priests are often mutated and carry many metallic restraints embedded in their flesh. Their scorn for sorcery, a trait shared with their blood god, gives them the ability to unbind spells and are able to call upon Bloodfuelled Prayers like Blood Boil and Blood Bind.[1a][1b][2a][2b]




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