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A Slaughterbrute.

Slaughterbrutes are hulking, aggressive claw-beasts of the Monsters of Chaos. They smash into battlelines and leaving only bloody ruins behind and cannot be broken by conventional means.[1][2]

Slaugtherbrutes have four front arms of differing sizes, a muscular body, and a massive head with a triplex tongue, a cluster of eyes and multiple rows of teeth. Some have no tongue; instead having a grimacing maw and growths protruding from its face. Its skin is chitinous, creased and spiked, and the creature stands on hoofed feet. It has razor-tipped claws and slashing talons. Chaos icons, a ritual dagger of binding, and various weapons skewer into its back. [2]

In combat they attack with their razor-tipped claws, mighty jaws, slashing talons and, if they have it, lesser claws.[3a][3b]


Their wills are bound to Chaos Champions, a Slave to Darkness or a Khornate mortal, through flesh-rituals, involving carving runes of domination onto its back and embedding cursed blades of binding into its flesh. A hero can only sustain one such binding, as the effort required to maintain more than that would be fatal. When it loses its master, through death or distance, it will run rampant, becoming a terrifying force of destruction that attacks anything it comes near.[1][3a][3b]

Mark of Chaos

These creatures can be marked with the Mark of Khorne.[3b]



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