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Slann 01.png
A Slann Starmaster.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Seraphon
Origins Old Ones' creations
Type Mortal

Slann are an ancient race created by the Old Ones as their foremost servants. It is the Slann Starmasters that chart the destiny of the Seraphon in implementing the Great Plan of their masters. Such is their power they bend reality to their will with a thought and their knowledge so vast that even a fraction of it would destroy a mortal mind. [1][3b]


The Slann have bulbous and toad-like bodies with their limbs withered which makes them appear to be frail however in reality each is among the mightiest wizards in all of creation. The Slann are functionally immortal as it has never been known for a Starmaster to perish of old age. They also perceive reality differently with time passing very quickly to the point even Aelves appear to be short-lived. Thus their vast intellect is well honed for cosmic contemplations and the deduction of esoteric celestial formulae. They may appear to be in sleep for decades or even centuries while in reality their minds are scrying the myriad paths of the future. However all Slann are individuals with their own personality and opinions.[3b]


The exact method of Slann reproduction is unknown and no new Slann have been spawned since the disappearance of the Old Ones. It is known that the Slann were created by the Old Ones in five generational spawnings and even the youngest of the Fifth Generation being impossibly old. None of the First Generation are alive, and less than five of the almighty Second Generation still draw breath. Thus they are a dying race but each is determined to be present for the final defeat of the Eternal Enemy before they pass into history.[3b]


The slann are the undisputed masters of the Seraphon race and are responsible for steering lesser races towards the completion of the Great Plan. Each Seraphon constellation is often led by one or more Slann Starmasters who are responsible for choosing the battles of their constellation. Each Slann is attended by a coterie of skink Starseers and Starpriests who are responsible for the administration of Seraphon society so the Slann can concentrate on greater tasks. A Slann's sanctum is steeped in celestial and temporal magics and the Slann of the coalesced align their sanctums to sit directly above nodes of the Astromatrix to channel the energies of the Mortal Realms themselves to impose control upon lands being consumed by the corrupting power of Chaos and reshape the physical world to better suit their needs.[3a][3b]

The Slann have differing beliefs on fulfilling the Great Plan which is complicated by the fact that none of the slann perfectly remember the Old Ones, either as a side effect of the great catastrophe that severed them from their creators or a deliberate measure by the slann to protect themselves from the horrific trauma of those times. Thus they are forced to rely on fragmented memories, visions while scrying the future and ancient plaques that have been copied and recopied countless times by eager skink scribes.[3b]

Powers and Equipment

The Slann drift serenely into battle atop celestite palanquins, artefacts of Old One technology capable of projecting blasts of scouring azure lightning. In battle they call forth meteors to crash into enemy ranks while enemy commanders find their every move accounted for by the prescient mage-lords. The Slann can even impart the power of celestial alignments to the Seraphon. Slann of the Starborne are able to summon Azyr-charged Seraphon warriors to the field with incredible ease and these summoned creatures are influenced by the mindset of the slann at the time of their manifestation. Thus a slann possessed of a cold, alien fury may summon warriors whose scales have taken on bloody hues, while those Seraphon conjured into a realm by a slann whose mind has begun to crack under the strain of countless years or the malign interference of outside powers may appear hideously twisted in form – though their killing power remains undiminished.[3b]

While powerful and immortal, the slann are not invincible and the remains of the slain Slann are collected and returned to the constellation’s temples in solemn procession to be bound and mummified. Thus they become Relic Priests and even after their death they still radiate arcane energies. It is unknown the extent to which they can wilfully affect the corporeal world but some Seraphon specially those of the Coalesced bear Relic Priests to battle where spells of celestial destruction emanate from their desiccated remains to annihilate the foe. Thus the slann serve the Great Plan even past the point of death.[3b]


A dozen Slann gathered in the Realm of Azyr and formed a telepathic council which lasted for centuries, perfecting their plans to destroy the Dark Gods and their dominion. After they had finished they prepared to conjure their Seraphon armies and start a new phase of their great war. Having no need to use them, but seeing the importance of the Realmgates to the forces of Chaos, they weave spells that change the alignment of many gateways altering their destination forever. They observe the Stormcast Eternals and the first wave of devastating assaults, whilst they make no formal pacts with Sigmar, both share the same the same foes and often cooperate towards their destruction. During one of the perfect alignments of the stars of Azyr, the Slann and their Seraphon hosts battle and destroy a dozen champions of Chaos.[1]


His mind, it was so vast, like nothing I have ever witnessed… his mind is a sun, and we but orbit it. His mind is as clockwork, built not of mortal matter but something else… he has played out this very moment a thousand times across a thousand years, honing it, pruning away those possibilities which displease him.

~ Lord-Relictor Sekar on the Slann Starmaster, Lord Kurkori. [2]



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