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Slakeslash miniature.

Slakeslash is a Slaangor and a member of the Dread Pageant warband.[1a][2]


Slakeslash and the rest of his warband, the Dread Pageant, pursued visions of their missing deity Slaanesh into the Beastgrave. Within the sentient mountain they gained an obsession with tormenting it, by denying their victims of their death and torturing them to as close as possible to it. The anguish at being denied its usual feast of flesh caused the mountain to despair, which filled the depraved mortals of the warband with glee. They descended to the Direchasm where the mountains emotions are at its rawest and most tangible, filling them with euphoria as they further torture the mountain.[1a][2]


He is armed with a Gilded weapon, which he uses together with his crushing claw to attack in a lethal flurry.[2][3]



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