Slaangor Fiendblood

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A Slaangor Fiendblood fighting a Witch Aelf.

Slaangor Fiendbloods are Slaangor warriors of the Slaanesh Sybarites. Utterly in thrall to their basest of urges, they serve as shock troops, careening recklessly into the enemy line with little to no care for their own survival. [1a]

Fiendbloods are much beloved by the Sybarite carnivals, being pampered and bedecked in various exotic oils, fabrics, and flamboyant jewellery. The Slaangors spend most of their time wandering aimlessly in a glassy-eyed stupor, roused only by the wildest debauches. In battle, however, this lethargy is banished. Barrelling forth as the vanguard of the host, they allow nothing - save for the most tantalising distractions - to come between them and their prey. [1a]


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