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Skyvessels in Barak-Zilfin.

Skyvessels are a type kharadron airships. They are the most technologically advanced war machines in the Mortal Realms and the Kharadron Overlords' greatest assets to ensure their monopoly over the trade lanes of the Eight Realms.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Since the Sky Exodus, the Kharadron outfitted their skyvessels with as much weaponry as possible. As aethercraft reached new technological heights, the ancestral black powder weapons were replaced by a multitude of aetheric devices.[1a]


While most skyvessels are built by the Endrineers Guilds, it is the Fleet Service that finishes arming and armouring them by purchasing weapons and equipment from chartered companies.[3a]


Crewing is a job for Arkanaut companies, who lease skyvessels from the Fleet Service for their own aether-gold expeditions.[3a]

The kharadron airships are led by two hierarchies of command: fleet-commissioned officers and warrant officers.[2a] Each skyvessel must bear a Captain, a leader who rules the ship absolutely. Whilst aboard, none save Admirals have the right to disobey their order.[1a]

Crews are chosen at the Musterpress and can come from different academies within the same sky-port. Once aboard, the crew are bonded by many oaths and Code-prescribed rituals. Kharadron skyfarers pride themselves on their loyalty to ship and shipmates, and the most successful sky-fleets employ crew that have served together for decades.[1a]

Types of Skyvessels


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