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The Free City of Skythane (City) is one of the Cities of Sigmar found within the Realm of Ghur. It lies to the north of Thondia, atop a shelf of jagged rock in the Gryphspine mountain range.[1a]

Isolated and wind swept, it was constructed on a shelf of jagged rock. [1a]


The Free City of Skythane is protected by a force of Freeguild Griffon Riders and Kharadron warships, which are used to guard the city itself and it's trading vessels, Kharadron sky-vessels and enchanted sky-barques alike. These aerial forces are likely a major contributing factor to the longevity of the isolated city.[1a]


It's mines supply valuable minerals to the Free Cities of Izalend and Excelsis, which lay to the south on the continent of Thondia. These minerals are transportedKharadron Overlords sky-vessels and enchanted Sky-barques. [1a]


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