Skyblind Tundras

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The Skyblind Tundras is a windswept region of Ghur that is comprised of blizzard-wracked plains and glaciers. It is a tough land that breeds hardy creatures and peoples.[1a][1b]


In the distant past the Orruk Warclan known as the Icebone makes their homes within the glacial tunnels of the Skyblind Tundras.[1a][1b]

At some point the legendary Svard Alfrostun is frozen in place by the Everwinter pursuing them. They are not freed until the dawning of the Age of Sigmar, when a stray bolt of Sigmar's Tempest shatters their icy prisons.[2a]


The Icebone Warclan hails from the glacial tunnels of this region of the Realm of Beasts.[1a]


War Boars of particularly hardy stock are found living all across the brutal, snowy lands of the Skyblind Tundras, and the local Orruks view them as sacred beasts.[1a]

Kattanaks are immense, three-headed ursine predators that stalk the Skyblind Tundras. Their pelts are greatly valued by the Icebone Orruks and their greatest warriors wear them with pride.[1b]