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Skullreapers fighting against Crypt Flayers.

Driven by a hunger to claim worthy skulls for the Blood God, these hulking brutes live up to their name with every battle they fight.[1]

The charge of the Skullreapers crashes home like a blow from Khorne’s own blade. Granted inhuman strength and stature by the Blood God, they smash the enemy apart in terrifying displays of raw might, hurling grown men through the air or barging them to the ground before stomping them to death with gore-caked boots. Disturbingly, they are able to scent the worthiest skulls like monstrous hunting hounds. More than once, a Skullreaper has claimed the heads of several worthy foes with a single blow, their bodies collapsing even as he hoists the gory trophies aloft in triumph.[1]

The most numerous Bloodbound warriors are the Bloodreaver tribes, and it is from their ranks that the Skullreapers arise. Over time, most Bloodreavers either fall in battle or succumb to madness. Those who survive row ever stronger, their flesh and souls alike transformed by the bloody worship of Khorne. Eventually, they will undertake the Trial of Skulls, risking all for a chance to ascend to true power. The specifics of this trial vary from tribe to tribe, and realm to realm. At its heart, however, lies the offering up of eight truly worthy skulls to Khorne every single day.[1]

The Trial of Skulls is not a single test, but rather a deadly grind of dedication and endurance in which only constant battle offers any hope of success. Khorne knows no forgiveness, and those who fail to prove their devotion are struck down by crippling mutations. Such forsaken Skullreapers often offer up their own head as a last resort, for a quick death is preferable to the alternative. This looming threat lends the Skullreapers a manic determination in battle, for nothing could be worse than the horrible consequences should they appear weak in the eyes of their wrathful god.[1]

The leader of a unit of Skullreapers is known as a Skullseeker a warrior who has received a mutation from Khorne alongside his usual weapons.[1]



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