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Skullfiend Tribe is a Khorne Bloodbound Warhorde originating from the Realm of Ghur that honour their God by scything the heads from all on their path, creating battlefields littered only by headless corpses and strong odour of death. Led by Lord Skardrax the Slayer, the Skullfiend is among the largest of the Bloodbound warhordes.[2c][3b]


Skullfiend tribesman

The Skullfiends are one of the largest and most infamous of the Bloodbound Warhordes. They have fought against every race and empire that has ever crossed their path. Their warriors have mastered the brutal art of decapitation during their countless gore-splattered campaigns and unholy purges. The act of chopping off enemy heads is sacred work to those in the tribe. Although they prefer to take their trophies in the heat of combat, when the fighting is over they scour the battlefield in search of any heads they failed to claim, stacking them in mountainous heaps. The Skullfiends seek to take the skulls of the most powerful beings. As such, the tribe's warriors hunt out enemy champions amongst the maelstrom of close combat, fighting with unnatural vigour to be the first to hack down the mightiest of their foes. Striding amongst the tribe are a great number of Khorgoraths, for the rage-monsters' prodigious strength and skull-hunting abilities are greatly valued.[3c]


The Skullfiends wear black armour. They soak their helms in pools of gore to dye them a deep red, displaying them as a challenge for a worthy enemy to take.[5a]


The leader of the Skullfiend Tribe is Lord Skardrax the Slayer, a murderous psychopath who rides to battle atop a Juggernaut of Khorne. With relentless fervour he extols his followers to ever-greater acts of carnage, and personally leads the charge, reaping more tributes for Khorne than any other of his tribe.[3c]


In the Age of Chaos, they construct the fortress known as Krag Darrek in Hallost, in the Realm of Shyish.[4a]

Together with their allies they fought the Astral Templars and a Seraphon host over the Seven Stones of Rhael in the Stovinyan Shadowforest.[1a]

Later they took part in the Korghos Khul rampaging on the Ashlands, a region of the Sub-Realm of Aqshy called the Flameworlds[2a] and his subsequent attack on the daemons and seraphon armies on the Orb Infernia.[2b]

During the Soul Wars a portion of the Skullfiend tribe joined the Chaos forces invading the Realm of Shyish to halt the rising tide of the undead. They joined the ongoing Hallost Campaign and were nearly buried in waves of malignant spirits but fought their way free and joining with the Blood Legion known as the Reapers of Vengeance they achieved the greatest of Khorne’s military successes during the Soul Wars.[3a][3b]



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