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The Skull Lands, or the Blood God's Domain, is the name for that part of the Realm of Chaos ruled by Khorne, and a monument to violence and rage. It is built on conflict and is home to every facet of war and often on of the largest of the kingdoms of the Chaos Gods, specially as it expands with the increase in bloodshed and violence in the Mortal Realms.[1][7a][8a]

At its centre is Khorne's great fortress, the Brass Citadel.[1]


Much of the Blood God's domain consists of a seemingly eternal, cracked and war-ravaged wasteland and vast open plains littered with the bones of those fallen in battle. Over the aeons, the wastes have become covered in fine sand made from the rock and bone trampled beneath the feet of numberless armies, and the millennia of bloodshed have stained the ground with blood, turning it into a deep, carmine red. The skies are filled with fire and smoke from the many volcanoes.[4b][1][8a]

Khorne's dominion is ringed by a chain of great, constantly smouldering volcanoes. When Khorne roars in rage, the ground itself shudders and the volcanoes erupt both lava and immense brass skulls. The great foundries of Khorne line the inner slopes of these volcanoes while the outer slopes are covered in immense fortresses of black granite and bloody brass, armed with hell-forged cannons, festooned with skull-adorned altars, and garrisoned with endless legions of Khorne's followers.[1]

These wastes are punctuated by various features like:

  • Seas of blood.[4b][1]
  • Mazes of bone.[4b][1]
  • Jagged volcanic valleys which spew rage-inducing sulphurous smogs and clouds.[8a]
  • Great rents filled with thousands of bleached skulls, monuments to a great slaughter or the site of a great triumph over one of Khorne's rivals.[8a]
  • Fighting pits gouged into rocky plans, where champions fight for the amusement of Khorne.[4b][8a]
  • Blade-walled fortress, lined with flaming skulls and moats of boiling gore.[8a]
  • Smoke-belching forges that forge weapons of mass destruction and graven armour for the Blood Legions using the wrathful fire of the mountains.[8a]




There are armies constantly fighting in the kingdom of Khorne with war noise, like war cries, the sound of the clash of blades and brazen horns, being a constant across the realm.[8a]

In some places, fighting pits are gouged into the rocky plains, where daemonic champions fight for the glory of Khorne. An endless line of monstrous beasts and slaves are marched into the pits to serve as challenges to these champions. Those that prove worthy and brave are resurrected to fight endlessly; those who prove craven or weak are quickly culled permanently.[7c] On the rare occasions that a mighty mortal survives the trial of the pits, they are inevitably on the path to daemonhood - no matter if they desire to be or not.[4b]

Pack of Flesh Hounds rove the wastes, hunting for intruders, while metallic daemon-steeds charge across the landscape.[1][8a]

Daemons of Khorne

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