Skryre Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Assassins-bane Rigging A body harness with dozens of switchblades and serrated warpshards hidden inside the latches and cogwork buckles. These weapons are used to cut-down any would-be killers.[1]
Esoteric Warp Resonator A sealed orb with warpstone energy stored inside. The rotation of it's thirteen dials causes it to quiver and glow.[1]
Skryre's-breath Bellows These bellows blow plumes of poisoned wind at any nearby being. It's turbines powered by warpstone.[1]
Vial of the Fulminator A vial containing a highly combustible oil used as a fuel for accelerating Skryre war machines.[1]
Vigordust Injector A syringe filled with shards of pulverised toxins. It causes any skaven injected with it to enter an extremely painful, mouth-frothing frenzy before dying.[1]
Brass Orb A fist-sized metal orb capable of opening a sucking crack in the plane of reality. It is made of interlinking cogs.[1]
Warpstone Armour Wrought from warpstone-infused brass and lined with thaumaconductive wiring, this armour lashes out at those who strike it with arcing blasts of warp lightning.[2]

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