Skryre Acolyte

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Skryre Acolytes are the students, servants, and assistants of the Skryre Warlocks. They fetch, carry, tinker, aid with experimentation and bully slaves into running in their wheels or ‘volunteering’ to test the warlocks’ weapons. [1a]


Each Acolyte has one desire – to rise to the rank of Warlock either through the favour of his betters, or by murdering one of them and claiming their workshop for his own. In the meantime, they fight for their clan by donning heavy gas-hoods, robes and goggles, shouldering gasp-breather backpacks and taking to the field armed with bandoliers of poisoned wind globes. [1a]


The Poison Wind Globes are fragile spheres of glass are filled with toxic Warpstone-derived fumes produced by the warlocks in their laboratories. They are feared by the skaven’s enemies, for armour is no defence against the gas they release upon shattering, with even thick cloth hoods and rubberised seals quickly breaking down beneath the corrosive fume. Those who breathe poisoned wind find their lungs filling with fluid, their flesh breaking out in agonising blisters and their eyes dissolving and weeping from their sockets. [1a]


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