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A Skrap is, at its simplest, a bunch of Moonclan grots from the same lurklair who are looking for trouble. It usually consists of several skulkmobs brought together by an appropriately influential or intimidating Loonboss, Fungoid Cave-Shamans, or other Moonclan leader. Its rough equivalent among the Spiderfang is the stalktribe.[1a]


A skrap usually consists of Stabba and Shoota skulkmobs supported by packs of Cave Squigs, Squig Hopper and Boingrot Bounder shock troops, scouting Sneaky Snufflers, and disruptive Fanatics of every description. A proper skrap may consist of the entire able population of a lurklair, though especially large lurklairs (such as the infamous Skrappa Spill) will commonly have multiple skraps out and about at a time.[1a]


Skraps often have a gaggle of shamans and a loonboss or two barking orders, though the exact hierarchy varies from skrap to skrap. If a loonboss is in charge, the shamans act as his advisors and spend their spare time scheming to replace him. If one of the skrap's shamans has taken control (usually by pulling off impressive pyrotechnics to impress the other grots), the loonbosses usually act as champions or commanders so the boss shaman can concentrate on more important things, like eating hallucinogenic fungus or fending off leadership challenges from the other shamans and the loonbosses.[1a]


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