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Skrach is the High Arch-Warlock of Clan Ezzik of the Clans Skryre and a member of the Council of Thirteen [1a]

He attends the Council meetings in his huge armoured simulacrum of himself, which not only stands thirteen feet tall but can also breathe fire.[1a]


When Skrach was a mere Acolyte he was not only young and aggressive but also had ideas well above his station. He succeeded in refining a minute quantity of Chamonite transmutational gold and using it to supercharge a Warp Lightning Cannon that destroyed Retch-Chanter Bubolskrit and his entire coven of Plague Priests allowing Skrach to become a Warlock Engineer.[1b]

Rising to the position of Arch-Warlock and even securing a seat in the Council of Thirteen he began gathering realmstone so that Clans Skryre would harness magical energies that no other Great Clan understood and gain absolute power over skavendom. In secret he even plans to overthrow Archaon the Everchosen to become the new favoured champion of Chaos with the Horned Rat as his almighty patron.[1a]


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