Skowl Scorchpaw

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Skowl Scorchpaw is a Skaven Warlock Engineer.[1]

A large but lean Skaven with piebald fur wearing a shiny leather smock-robe, his waist and chest crossed with tool belts. Lashed to one side is a glowing green metal cylinder from which multiple hoses and wires sprout. One hand has a weaponised metal glove which also glows and has given him his name. [1]


He led a team led by to steal a Daemon summoning bell from a Chaos Cult for Grey Seer Nezslik in the process of which he and Flych Tattertail ensured that all of the other team members died. [1]

Skowl fought with Flych and although the other skaven fled, the thief had removed the protective covering over the stolen bell, hoping that the deamon it would summon would kill him as he left in his tunnelling machine.[1]


I did not need-want Brakkik and others. They not-no useful. Clever-loyal Flych is useful. Treekritt clever-loyal too. Both clever-loyal Skaven put bell inside bell-box now. .



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