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Skewerax the Frenzy That Walked is a Verminlord Warbringer, a Greater Daemon of the Horned Rat.

The Verminlord Warbringer is a hulking nightmare, hairy, muscular limbs shrouded in serrated plates of scarred metal. Ruinous sigils are cut into the plates of the daemon’s armour, and his sinuously curving horns, each larger than a clanrat, rise regally over his noble head. A shaggy mane, matted with the blood of thousands, spills across his broad shoulders.[1]

He is one of many powers searching for the Eight Lamentations, using both Kretch Warpfang, Grand High Clawmaster of Clan Rictus and the renegade Warlock-Engineer Quell, formerly of Clan Skryre. He does however have trouble with the concept of time and by mortal standards is not overly bright, if extremely vicious and with a certain low cunning.[1]


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