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Skatchnik is a Clan Shyvik Warlock Bombardier of the Clans Skryre. [1a]


An informant came to him in his workshop with tales of a lost kingdom full of magical treasures that had held out against the forces of Chaos in the Realm of Chamon. Strange and powerful machines churned out great arcane artefacts, the spy promised and although it had never fallen, the skaven had never attacked Metallurgica. Cautious and conscious that other would have also received this news, Skatchnik went to the clan Arch-Warlocks to tell them of this opportunity. [1a]

For this service, he was allowed to become part of the invasion force that had been gathered by Clans Skryre, Clans Eshin and Clans Verminus. However when the Skryre machinery formed a Gnawhole into the land, they found only carrioin mounds and ruins, leading to immediate recrimination amongst the various Warlords which only ceased when the forces was attacked by thousands of Crypt Ghouls. [1a]

As the war continued, Skatchnik made good use of the Eshin Night Runners he had hired, dispatching them to look for a certain tome of secrets. He discovered that it lay within a once great palace but was guarded by a fearsome beast….however the skaven warlock was sure his Warpcoven could overcome any such threat and they secretly made for the buried palace. [1a]


Hidden deep-deep beneath the rotted lands they lie, in the corpse-gnaw burrow and the shatter-ruined castles. Engine treasures so rich-rich that he who holds them in his claw shall surely claim his place amongst the Lords of Decay. Let the other fools fight their pointless war. This prize will be mine.....



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