Skarr Bloodwrath

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Skarr Bloodwrath is a Khorne Bloodbound warrior that emerges from the pools of blood he has spilled from his victims. He goes to battle clad in Chaos Armour and armed with a pair of Bloodstorm Blades.[1] He is a mindless madman, giving no thought to strategy or tactics, living only for the moment of slaughter.[3a] He is often followed by a retinue of Wrathmongers


Skarr Bloodwrath was resurrected by a great Khornate rite in the Jade Reach, conducted by a trio of Bloodsecrators in a ocean of gore. While a Seraphon host tried to stop the resurrection they failed and Skarr and the surviving Wrathmongers summoned a hideous storm of blood to drown the surviving Seraphon.[2a]

He manifested in the heart of the Knifespire Keep, massacring all of its defenders.[2a]


  • Skarr Bloodwrath cannot be permanently killed so long as Khorne's power flows through his veins, although the time between his resurrections can be instataneous or can span decades. Thus he gives no thought to his own mortality, often fighting until felled by mighty heroes, knowing that he will rise once again.[2b]



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