Skaeth's Wild Hunt

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Skaeth's Wild Hunt are a Underworlds warband whose members are worshippers of Kurnoth, the god of the hunt. They are wild and mercurial beings, representations of nature at it's most primal and aggressive. Skaeth and his warband seek to remove any that taint the natural order and to restore everything that was lost during the Age of Chaos, they can be truly merciless in pursuit of this goal. But nobility tempers them somewhat and they only actively hunt those who bring ruin.[1] The warband hunt as a unified team, displaying an almost preternatural instinct for one another's actions that allow them to act as one. Skaeth and his companions fight not individual glory, with all feeling the fierce exhilaration of victory in their kills.

Skaeth and his warband have entered the depths of the Beastgrave with what they believe may be their most important ever hunt. They seek to track down those beings infected by the immortality of the Katophrane curse and slay them to ensure they do not spread their corruption further. Alarielle has personally sent them visions of the horrors that will transpire should the curse break free of the mountain and spread into the wider realms, and to that end Skaeth has vowed upon the Spear Of Kurnoth itself that he and his companions shall not let these visions come to pass, even if that leaves them trapped in an eternal battle to quarantine the Beastgrave for evermore. Beyond this, Skaeth harbours a secret hope that, if his warband can fight their way to the very heart of the Beastgrave, they may slay the mountain itself.[2].



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