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Skaarac the Bloodborn is a beast of venerated legend among the Khorne Bloodbound and a creature of endless hate and unstoppable savagery. For uncounted ages Skaarac has rampaged across the Mortal Realms bringing countless lives to an end. He has been slain many times before, always perishing in a welter of scalding blood and blazing soul-fire, but he always rises again from a gore-soaked charnel pit and drawn to Khorne's side by the drums of war.[1][2]

There are many rumours on the origin of this monsters. Some of the are:[1][2]

  • A fallen daemon.[1][2]
  • A mindless beast of prodigious power.[1][2]
  • A rogue experiment of the arts of the Zharr.[1][2]
  • The oldest and most powerful of the Khorgoraths, mutilated into being by Khorne's own hand.[1][2]

His armour was forged by the Zharr Goroth Daemonsmiths.[3] He has Brutal Blades embedded into his arms and tramples his foes with his Thunderous Hooves. He can also vomit a torrent of unhallowed blood as hot as molten iron to foes beyond his reach.[1][2]