Silverthorn Glade

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Silverthorn Glade was a Sylvaneth Glade that vanished during the Age of Myth.[1a]


Age of Myth

When the sylvaneth first began to spread outside of the Realm of Ghyran, they encountered an unexpected obstacle: the spirit-song, the psychic chorus that every sylvaneth in Ghyran feels in their soul, seemed absent outside the Realm of Life. In time the sylvaneth who persisted found that they could eventually grow a local spirit-song by founding enclaves, planting soulpod groves, and otherwise manipulating fonts of local life magic to establish themselves in their new lands, but the initial, deafening, terrifying silence proved too much for many. They retreated to their heartglades in Ghyran's blessed harmony or even - in some cases - went mad.[1a]

Silverthorn Glade set out into the broader realms as part of the first great migrations from the Realm of Life, but no Silverthorn enclaves sprouted in the soils outside Ghyran. Over the course of a single season, the Silverthorn were lost to the last branchling. Whether they were lost to madness, some foreign enemy, or an even stranger fate is unknown, but the sylvaneth still recall their fate as a warning of the dangers beyond the realmgates, where the spirit-song does not reach.[1a]


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