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Silver is a precious metal found all across the Mortal Realms.[1a]


Silver, like all precious metals, can be found in great abundance all across the Realm of Chamon.[3]

Notable Deposits

The continent of Ayadah in the Spiral Crux, a sub-realm of Chamon is known for having many lakes of molten silver.[2a]

In the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok molten silver endlessly pours forth from the Great Crucible. This cascading metal carves through each of the sky-islands of the sub-realm, great rivers giving way to rivulets as the metal crawls across the landscapes.[4]

Dispossessed Duardin returning to the Realm of Aqshy, hoping to establish new homes, have established many silver and copper mines in the Caustic Peaks and Bright Mountains.[1a]


As A Currency

The Zirc Nomads of Lyria are known to accept silver as payment in exchange for telling fortunes.[1a]

Silver is also worked into coins of various denominations, such as Comets.[6a]

As Wargear

The Freeguilds of the Free City of Lethis use enchanted bullets made of silver, each marked with sigils of banishment, to fight the ethereal foes that accost their city.[5a]