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You may be looking for a term for someone who worships the deity Sigmar
Sigmarite Weapons

Sigmarite is an arcane metal that is mined from Mallus, the metallic core of the World-That-Was. This metal is employed by Sigmar, the Six Smiths, and Grungni, using the heavens as their forge, in the creation of the armor and weapons of the Stormcast Eternals.[1][2][4a]

Mining and Processing

Sigmarite Ore is excavated from Mallus by lightning powered automatons created by Grungni, God of Forges.[5a]

The forges of the Six Smiths, the Anvil of Apotheosis, are found within the Sigmarabulum and within them a legion of warsmiths works alongside the Six Smiths to aid in the creation of the Sigmarite weapons, armor, and tools employed by the Stormhosts.[4c]

Every Sigmarite weapon forged for the Stormhosts is stronger than steel and forged within the Living Tempests of Azyr, which imbues the weapons with the celestial energy of the storm they were made in.[7a][7b]


Much like the Stormcast that wear it, Sigmarite can transmute into lightning. This allowed the warriors of the Stormhost to be rapidly deployed during the Realmgate Wars.[4a]

The Warding Lanterns of Lord-Castellants can heal wounds and damaged sigmarite, even restoring sections of armor that have been shattered and sundered.[4b]


Objects made from sigmarite are:


  • According to Grombrindal, it is not Sigmar alone who determines the color of the Sigmatite that adorns his warriors. Rather the time of a Stormhost's forging and the magic that is in ascendancy at the moment of their creation may play a part as well.[6a]