Shyish Reaper

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The Shyish Reaper is an Shyishian predatory endless spell composed of a a enormous, fearsome scythe. The blade is the ultimate manifestation of finality and death, it's passing through armor to damage both body and soul and send it screaming into the underworlds.[1][2]


Upon casting the final incantation the wizard sweeps their arm forming a fearsome scythe out of the purest amethyst magics. It can only be summoned by Nighthaunt wizards and Nagash.[2]


This soul-hungry spell will follow the wizard's command, flying through the air as it carves through it's prey with an unstoppable force, slicing both body and soul with the deathly touch of its enchanted blade that can easily phase through armor and send mortals to the underworlds. It is always hunting for souls and, without warning, can change it's direction and attack a foe from an unexpected angle. If the spell is summoned in Shyish the spell will move much faster across the battlefield.[1][2]