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The Shroudcage was one of Nagash's most feared prisons in the Age of Myth. It was inadvertently destroyed by Sigmar during the War of Heaven and the Underworlds at the start of the Age of Chaos.[1a]


The prison was contained within a vast bastion. It had the spirits of infamous madmen bound into its walls, who incessantlyrepeated maddening secrets and twisted lies. In addition, the walls caused prisoners to endlessly hear every lie they ever told.[1a][2a]


The only known prisoner of the Shroudcage was the vampire king Ushoran. His mind was utterly broken by the ordeal. When Sigmar breached the prison he escaped to become the primogenitor of the Flesh-Eater Courts, passing on his madness with his blood as he created new vampiric servants.[1a][2a]