Shimmering Abyss

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The Shimmering Abyss with the city of Hallowheart at its center.

The Shimmering Abyss is a colossal city-sized pit located in Golvaria in the Great Parch in the Realm of Aqshy. The walls and caverns of the Shimmering Abyss are encrusted with a plethora of precious gems, magical minerals, including the valuable primordial realmstone. The realmstone from the abyss is vaguely humanoid and burns with a furious sentience.[1][2][3a]

The city of Hallowheart stands atop of a monolithic basalt column, with winding stairways that descend to the mining camps below, and to duardin communes built deep into the bedrock. These experienced miners, aided by eldritch technology, can extract the realmstone, among the other valuable minerals.[1][2]