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Sharizad the Many-Splendored One, the Shimmering Countess of Charn was a Champion of Tzeentch.[1a]


It would change from one moment to the next: for a moment the face of a scullery maid, rising to rule; then the daughter of a count, giving in to her darkest desires; a dream made flesh. [1c]


With her powerful magic, she ruled the largest of the Three Duchies of Charn whilst her siblings ruled the lesser kingdoms. Then her domains were attacked by the Stormcast Eternals which she found exciting and something to relieve the boredom. When her brother lost his head and his duchy she brought forth a myriad of plots and half-forgotten ancient sorceries that caused the sky to weep tears of boiling gold and the ground to burn with cold fire. [1a]

Some of her people rose against their masters and even her own chamberlain had called forth daemons to attack her while she was preoccupied - She had flayed him for his temerity, but not before thanking him. [1a]

She fought and defeated Lord-Celestant Gaius Greel of the Iron-sides Warrior Chamber of the Sons of Mallus, who was, according to Taros Nine-strike a swordsman second only to Thostos Bladestorm [1b]

She entered the Howling Labyrinth seeking Marrowcutter one of the Eight Lamentations [1c] but although she was successful in this endeavour she was then attacked by an unlikely alliance of Stormcast and Orruks. During the subsequent battle Gaius Greel stabbed her with her own crystal blade after she had discarded it in favour of Marrowcutter which unleashed her captured souls against her, badly wounding her. Seizing their opportunity and before she could regenerate, Zephacleas and Gordrakk struck her at the same time, shattering her in a storm of iridescent splinters.[1d]


No! I killed you once, fools, I can do so again. Back, get back! I will not be denied by broken fates and inferior destinies. This is my moment, my future! I will be queen!

~ Sharizad.[1d]


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