Shadrac Convergence

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A map of the region known as Shadrac Convergence.

The Shardrac Convergence is one of the most important regions in the Realm of Ulgu. Situated at the meeting point of many of Ulgu's Thirteen Dominions, Shadrac is a nexus of trade and politics.[2a]

Yet, at its center sits one of the most shrouded and gloomiest regions of all of Ulgu, the Umbral Veil, and a well of shadow magic known as the Helleflux.[2a]


The ever-shrouded seas of the Shadrac Convergence are notoriously hard to navigate. Very few have managed to steer their ship across the dark waves without magical help, or falling prey to the many malicious entities lurking in the wilds of these lands. [2a]


The Realm of Shadow demands adaptability, and a certain outlook from all those seeking to make their home in these lands. Subterfuge, misdirection and opportunism are valuable traits in Misthåvn, and the other Ulguan settlements. While these conditions make these lands look unwelcome for many Duardin and factions like the Phoenix Temple, opportunistic Humans and insular communities like the Darkling Covens or Shadowblades have come to thrive in these lands.[2a]

Maybe none more than the Daughters of Khaine. Hagg Nar, the first temple city, and heart of the Khainite Cult has grown from a small shrine on the Helleflux Islands to a militarized center of Morathi's empire. Massive temples and gladiatorial arenas can be found across the Convergence, from Klarondu to Fuarthorn.[2a]


From its current location on the innermost tip of Klarondu, the city of Misthåvn dominates the sea trade in the inner convergence.[2a] Every form of illicit or contraband goods takes place in the city, narcotics, dark illusory magic and even stolen Chaos weapons, are said to trade hands.[2a] Hagg Nar is a major trade partner despite tensions with Khainites and goods traded include shadow-woven silks, illusory charms and prisoners for Khainite sacrifices. [2a]

One of the biggest exports are the strange and diverse Misthåvn Narcotics which first gained ground in the shadowy markets of Misthåvn. But over the years the drugs have swiftly spread to the black markets of many other Free Cities, and from these centers of trade they spread far and wide, to the point they, and drugs much like them, can be found in most major cities of the Mortal Realms.[4a] Scourge Privateers hunt down beasts with magical properties that dwell in the shadow-sea such as the abyssal glatch and the frenzied sawfang. Their corpses are then processed and broken down to produce magical narcotics that can give magical powers when consumed. While this narcotics industry is illegal the Conclave ignores them due to its importance to the city's economy.[2a]


Morathi's Ascension to Godhood

Age of Myth

  • For a time, mother and son guided the mortals of Ulgu, and the lands thrived. Yet their unity did not lasted forever. When Nagash revealed Morathi's twisted, true form to the Pantheon of Order, Malerion banished her to the Helleflux, the darkest of the lands of Ulgu.[3a] Here, she took over a fledgling cult to the old aelven god of murder, Khaine. Proclaiming her the High Oracle of Khaine, Morathi soon grew Hagg Nar from a small shrine to a might power, rivaling even mighty Ulguroth.[2a]
  • Growing outward from the Umbral Veil, the Cult of Khaine spreads across the Thirteen Domains, establishing dozens of new temples and shrines.[5a]
  • As new sects are founded and grow, so do their ambitions. Their rivalry soon erupts in a bloody civil war. The High Oracle let it run its course, weeding out those deemed too weak, or too ambitious.[5a]
  • On top of the mountain Rothtor, Morathi lays the foundation of the Ironshard, the future home of the Khelt Nar sect. But before the warriors of Khaine can focus on expanding their new domain, they had to first hunt down and kill the many monstrous creatures and tribes of Bonesplitter tribes that call these lands their home.[5a]

Age of Chaos

  • The assassins of the Skaven Clans Eshin leave their mark on the lands of the Convergence, some of their lairs remaining to this day.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Fleets from Hagg Nar and Misthåvn raiding the coasts of Klarondu
  • Spreading a fungal infection across the Umbral Veil, the Gloomspite Gits Madcap Shaman Nitbug Dribblesnot proclaims himself the new Loonking. Turning the valleys of Va-Leth into his dank, fungal kingdom. His reign came to an end as a war coven of the Khailebron sect striked at the heart of Dribblesnots realm, slaying the mad shaman after a short but ferocious battle.[5a]
  • As the Death rise across the Shadrac Convergence as the Necroquakes erupts across the realms, the Cathtrar Dhule continues unempeded. Only with the undead hordes joining the bloody war in the shadows.[6a]



Bodies of Water



Major Settlements

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