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Falsestone of Ulgu

Falsestone is the Realmstone of Ulgu, also know by other names like Shadowstone or Lies Given Form and it shares it qualities of secrecy, duplicity and illusion with its realm. [1][2a]


Those without witch-sight when looking at this material will only see unremarkable illusions, like pebbles, fallen logs or patches of nondescript mud, but those with it can see it's true form, that of hovering mist with the consistency of billowing cobwebs, like a nearly-intangible grey gossamer like shroud that undulates with an unfelt breeze.[1][2a]

The realmstone is almost sentient, actively disguising itself to remain hidden and once discovered it will release hallucinogenic waves to confuse one's perception of reality. Sometimes only being in its vicinity can cause mystic hallucinations.[2a]


Falsestone is quite hard to work with due to its deceitful nature but can be alloyed with other materials to mask their true identity and only a few have the Witch-Sight strong enough to pierce through such illusions. When woven into cloth it is as durable as any realmstone but light as vapour and can be used to create illusions on the wearer. Falsestone is used by many in Ulgu but each technique is a secret. Mortathi built Hagg Nar upon a geyser rich with falsestone mist and is said that she uses it to create illusions that hide her actions from other gods. Hedonites of Slaanesh use falsetone in rituals to create illusions that are absurdly excessive. Malerion’s servants make use of falsestone extensively and with such skill they have managed to hide most of their secrets from the wider realms.[4a]

Notable Deposits

  • The Temple of Hagg Nar is said to have been built atop a geyser of magic-rich realmstone mists, granting Morathi vast resources of sorcerous powers.[2a]

Notable Objects

  • The Evershroud: One of the legendary compound-artefacts created by the Arch-Domini of the Agloraxi Empire. A blinding crystal of aetherquartz and falsestone that turns its bearer invisible except in direct sunlight. It also makes them ethereal and impervious to attack, and incapable of attacking. Prolonged exposure makes it impossible for the bearer to age and no one will be able to touch or hear the bearer, dooming them to an eternity of impenetrable isolation.[3a]


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