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The Shadowhammers is a Vanguard Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar Stormhost.[1]


Lord-Aquilor Danastus Hawkseye rose to command the Chamber following his pivotal role in defending Greyspire. The chamber was granted the Thunderpeak to act as their base of operations in the Realm of Azyr.[1b]



  • The Raptors: Master marksmen of the Chamber.[1c]


  • The Thunderpeak is a vast castle and lightning engine that is built into the mountain from which it takes its name in the Realm of Azyr. Below the fortress are numerous farmsteads and walled villages, the roads are kept safe by Freeguild patrols. The castle rises into two central towers that are replete with minarets and other structures, whilst the mountain slopes have a wealth of feasting halls, magical training domes, armouries and contemplaria. Lightning plays across its heights and the crystal viewing domes as a storm is constantly hovering above the mountain.[1b]
    • The Argent Dome: A vast structure whose orrery can fill the dome with weather, create the illusion of night or darkness and a variety of landforms and enemies to provide the chamber with whatever training experience was required. The walls of the dome are guarded by magical mists that prevents scrying or spies entering. When the Chamber gathers, the interior is transformed into a crystal amphitheatre that easily holds several hundred warriors as well as armourers, attendants and other support staff.[1c]
    • The Cloister Militant of the Lord Aquilor: It consists of three main chambers - an atrium, cartogravium and observation gallery. [1b]


  • After being reforged, Shadowhammer warriors return first to Thunderpeak for reflection and reassignment before they renew or begin new hunts. [1b]


If this were a typical Warrior Chamber than this conversation would go no further. I would not listen to any reasoning you might have for your actions, and would simply pronounce and enact your sentence at once. However, we are Vanguard, and I trust each and every warrior under my command to act upon their best instincts at all times.

~ Danastus Hawkseye .[1a]


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