Shadow Council

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The Shadow Council of Thirteen are the immortal rulers of the skaven race, subject only to the will of the Great Horned Rat. [1a]


The Council is made up of twelve Verminlords with a thirteen place reserved for their god, the Great Horned Rat himself. The council members can change by the day or even the hour as the various daemons squablle, plot and conduct metaphysical manipulations. [1a]

Council Members

  • Skreech Verminking: The only permanent member of the council, speaking as the avatar of the Great horned Rat. [1a]

Meeting Place

Council meetings are held in the Deepengnaw, a sub-realm accessed by a portal behind the warpstone throne that sits at the top of the Tower of Kavzar in Blight City in the vast chamber known as the Masterburrow. The gnawhole between the Masterburrow and Deepengnaw is guarded by vicious curses that no mortal being could endure. The Vermninlords gather upon daises created from boiling darkness, twisted flesh and churning gears around a warpstone and brass sigil of the Horned Rat. [1a]